Corporate Country- the future.

It has been a little while since I posted, instead spending a few weeks reflecting over the where this blog started, what it has achieved and what I hope for its future. I’ve been pondering it a lot, whether it’s adding value and meaning like I intend, whether it captures the elements I seek to share.

This blog started as a way for me to capture my thoughts as I worked out what living back in Gloucester meant for my professional career, and vice versa. It’s been a hard balance at times, contemplating how I can do both effectively and wondering how I can get the best results in every field. And to be frank, there are probably a few I’ve let go of a bit too much.

At times, perhaps, I’ve reflected too much on this blog, rather than sharing the proactive things that we are doing around the home and at the farms to help make them sustainable. Reflecting on the week gone by, rather than sharing how this balance is working, what’s not working and what the options of change could and should be. Which could be why, at times, these blogs seem a little harder for me to write than I would hope.

So what does that mean for now?

I want this blog will be a greater mix of what’s happening, along with future plans and ideas. It will be focused on telling the story and hopefully provide a bit more context as to the why and how. I want to share some of things we are doing around here as we learn constantly from the environment, how these emerge and our way of ensuring they work.

To me, this means sharing the simple things that make this house a home and the beating heart of our lives.

Let me know what you think- what you want to hear and see more of and if you have any recommendations.

Hooroo for now, but not for long…


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