A bit rushed.

Time has seemed to have caught up with me today, as this blog is marked a little later than normal. Clocks ticked with a few days in the city and imitated the horses moving in the round yard. Izz now moves with ease, oblivious to the once apparent sounds and movement.

Polly has also seemed to settle more and more, with only some days an exception.

And city smoke filled the skies during the trip this week, as the Board Room for the day weeped smoke in drabs.

And more times with the horses saw them thrive and take on new challenges.

The lillypilly’s bloomed despite the drought, providing a chance for the bees to forage.

And a new project for the horses as we were gifted this cart for some restoration, with another project hopefully underway to reconnect despite climate change.

So this week has felt a bit rushed, despite the moments of comfort and connection.

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