On country I ponder my mark, the legacy that will be left and the moments of importance that play into the grand plan. I wonder about the daily actions required to reclaim country and society, rethink norms and, replenish and redream life across the Worimi Estate. Whether nature will restore and continue to teach, whether land will share stories from before and lead us forward, and whether culture will sing to bring us all on this journey for change.

While the drought and recent fires have bought out some of the best in community, I am hopeful for its longevity, hopeful it will rebuild and redevelop beyond crisis. New calves have timed their births in line with this, a glimmer of continued hope for the season. And then the rains fell for moments to remind us the smell and it’s vitality, with the promise of more this weekend.

The perfect Christmas present, rain, was greeted with the tree going up and ornaments filling our home. Slowly the collection made its way out of the shed for renewed hope.

But that little moment of homeliness didn’t last long, as I packed my bags and headed for Sydney and then Rockhampton. Work flowed in a continuous haze, with a few days moving way faster than I can recall them.

Days merged in competition of the consumption of coffee, met by quick meals and travel around the Rockhampton streets. In prime cattle country, the undercurrents of history and tension seemed to rule the roost. Despite not having a lot of time in town, those that shared told tales of a life I thought we had moved on from, and one sign of hope.

With a similar commodity leading the way, it’s hard not to think to home and the country there. How society works and was built, and whether entrenched views will change fast enough?

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