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After being called in early for a flight back home, we boarded a little before schedule, headed out toward Mudgee, before Taree. In an attempt to connect and learn, I yarned on the first leg. Then the second was in awe of the fire that took the Mid North Coast. A firestorm week, full of radio mismatch and constantly updating social media feeds. All while our Worimi land burned.

We received the keys to the new puzzle piece on Friday and it wasn’t long before we were ripping our old carpet and planning some new changes. We were surprised to find old timber floorboards hidden until now, flowing through 90% of the house.

So with that we kept planning and chipping away to clear the floors, slowly making way for a new life and new opportunity.

Yet alas the city called once again, only for a change of schedule. I did get the chance to connect more with my work colleagues in awe of this view, as the sun kissed the ocean for another day.

The city slowly closed in threat of a catastrophic fire danger, while Nabiac was declared safe and then warned to take shelter. Thankfully the fire hasn’t reached there yet, but the surround area has cried to the burning landscape.

Back at home, we kept spending time renovating. We have a bit to go, but are happy with our efforts so far. Meanwhile some afternoon horse work gave a good excuse to admire the sunset.

And that’s it for this week. Another week down, another week closer to some goals and further than others. But right now there is a lot to be thankful for.

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