The same earth.

We are embraced by the same Mother Earth, founded by Biame and built on Black Lore. Founded on principles guided by the land, our culture sings her songs, responds to the stories of the past and is guided by Elders. This is the same Earth, the same mapped landscape since eternity. Our guide.

This notion of preciousness has stood out a little more this week, with my mind stretched by new thoughts and challenged by that beating drum from the Pursuit of Happyness that comes through whenever the pressure is on.

These new thoughts are powered by soil and culture, posed by engineers and built by builders. Yet all guarded by culture.

The garden has been providing its keep this week, with old wax melted for new guests at the farm, and a few veggies finally being cooked for the plate. Over time I hope the garden will grow more, more in size and scale, along with the supporting infrastructure.

I’ve also been to pick up new parts for the Wolseley, meeting with the NSW President to gain some information. I can’t wait to get the old girl going, I can’t wait to be cruising to the beach and enjoying the old vibes.

We went to the wool auctions with Nan and saw it sell well, a continued testament to her hard work and her love for the farm.

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