Sharing is keeping

I called in Friday afternoon to spend some time with the horses, watching them connect and cherish their new friendship. A true gentle nature is more than evident, as they slowly share a pat and brush. Despite the hustle of a mobile phone connected life, these odes to the old times showcase and demand true connection.

It was back home in exploration for the next, then time moved with boxes and trips. The dogs played in the backyard and prospect of rain pondered like a prospector with a gold pan. A little bit fell throughout the week, a bit to get by. But no life changing moments.

The irony wasn’t lost on me when we attended the British car day. Over a thousand cars were on display, showcased by a beaming sun. Each car was a pride of love, providing connection for a moment.

Back at home the garden thrives, as tulips grow with ease. The first red flower is a testament of the heart, the warm, loving nature of my Great Grandmother.

It was then back to chasing cars in the rain, the city hidden in fog. The day chased the clock before an evening meeting, backed by another early morning and a long night travelling back home.

But the words from a brother spoke to me most this week- sharing is keeping. As our mob strive to share more and more, we keep our culture alive.

We also had a new friend in the garden this week. He’s set up home and is happily sun baking anywhere he can find.

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