Ahh, life.

The garden has started to thrive despite the lack of rain, with broccoli forming and the other plants growing quite well.

We went a bit seed crazy too. The greenhouse is now packed with a variety of summer seeds, with a few earlier planted seeds following the sun.

Greeted by fog, we travelled south early on Sunday to pick up Nelson. It’s like he’s grown since last time, but his gentle nature flourishes.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to hang around long with the new big horse. It was soon time to jump back in the car and head to Boorowa for shearing. Oh the journey down I stopped at the NSW Rail Museum, looking over some beautiful old trains and filling my mind of earlier times.

The sheep this year look amazing. The wool visibly much longer than last year, with the few glimpses I’ve had each time they’ve been in the yards nothing more then smile worthy. We started shearing on Wednesday, with big grins across the board as to the quality of wool.

It’s a testament to Nan’s hard work and dedication, spending time putting out hay and caring for the land. The wool is just one way of appreciating her faith and commitment, with the shower of rain now further relief.

So, that’s it. The fleeces cut, bales out and sheep returned to the paddock. It’s become a love, something I look forward to and something I want to keep doing. I’m looking forward to being in a position to cut my first bale, but until then, here I will keep the legacy going.

Ahh, life.

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