Gardeners delight

I pulled in back home around 12:30 Saturday morning, somehow the time from plane to car dragged as I waited for my bag and then a cab. The morning counted second hands too quickly before the back road through Krambach reached Wingham. The home of wisdom sits seemingly vacant while I gather my thoughts of happier times. If only time favoured now- perhaps it would still be home.

Wingham nursery provided new roses for the front garden and some more vegetables for the back patch. Slowly the 4 beds out the back have been overtaken and my mind turns to the next stage. All with time. We added a worm farm to our little garden to share the scraps with the chooks and now wait for them to find the way up.

On Sunday we did cattle work in Stroud Road, planted the roses and kept Polly busy exploring new country. The Mogy calves have developed well this season, striving in drought.

Monday was spent filling in some much needed hours at home, before hitting the road back south to Newcastle, then Sydney and then Newcastle again today.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to join Gardening Australia presenter, Clarence, to check out his new project. This native food rooftop garden has been growing away in my mind ever since. The beautiful shapes swim on the roof, as the Millenia dreaming plants make there mark to provide chefs with dreams of their own.

The rain added to its perfect, giving hope to the plants and setting a mood of more for this venture. Desert plants even flourished with height, and the concept of yarning captured despite geography. Purely breathtaking.

At home the seeds have started sprouting for new crops, which will provide the cottage and home with new staples.

And the Polly Pocket Dog continues to make her mark, albeit recently a bit plant destroying.

So with that it’s time for rest, time for recovery and time to rest the mind for a week. It’s back to the shearing shed of lessons, back to the tales of the past and my dreams.

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