All in time

Polly seemed to ensure we didn’t get much sleep Friday night, finding joy sleeping inside and being captured by the shadows forming outside. Before long the 5:30 alarm made itself known, shouting at the rooster for his sleep in. The next 30 minutes moved slow, and then it was off.

The car sounded at 3 degree temperatures on the way, warming as we reached St Heliers.

The sight of Clydesdale’s filled the bare earth, promising that the land too, will come back. Becoming aquatinted with the old souls stored within the workings of these gentle creatures, it was great to spend the day learning more. From a cart ride to watching a horse push a pole in reverse, to ploughing a few runs, every breath was an opportunity to learn more.

While perhaps my first ploughing attempt seemed the straightest of them all, the process behind this once every day task made me rethink. All in time.

Back at home, things seemed steadier. No travel, no rush. Just home, watching the new front rose garden grow.

Monday morning soon turned into the afternoon, as I packed for future travels. My mind drifting, I challenge travelling north whilst thinking down south- the allure of Nan’s farm and sheep.

Yet alas the new morning called to the city and demanded presence for the day. Coffee pumped hopeful veins craving sleep, while the mind ticked in new ideas.

Then sunrise drifted by before a flight to Cairns for the week remainder, taking time to reflect and project for work. Steadily I drifted to peak, before pause and then dreaming sleep.

Then back on a plane south, down to Sydney and back home to relish the weekend. Back where my heart belongs and songs keep calling me back.

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