The alarm sounded at 3 on Saturday morning, awoken to a cup of coffee, quick shower and an early morning drive. Back up north, we loaded the Morris and turned straight back around down south. The Morris Eight demands a bit more attention in the sunlight, as the 70 year old car tells her story of a different past.

The car’s interior is perfect- a restored dream and a wonder of the time. The exterior needs some love, and I just can’t wait for it to fire up. Hopefully all it needs is a new battery.

The next day we kicked the Wolseley over again for a drive. Back down the driveway, tempting hope that it will soon get out on the open road.

Back at home in Gloucester, the focus has been on garden growth. New seeds have found a home in the greenhouse, the seedlings from earlier in the week have slowly started to grow and a new garden out the front has been graced with roses and tulips, my Great-Grandmother’s favourite.

A quick trip to Sydney on Tuesday for a couple of meetings kept the early starts alive, with a few later nights keeping mornings feeling a bit drained. A yoyo seeking clarity and consistency, yearning for more through a push.

I’ve spent some time pondering Boorowa of late. A few comments with a lack of knowledge made me wonder, how do I commit further to the area and livestock. Nan shared some images of the recent snow, as the cold snap frosted the country.

But alas, I am still here, focusing on my own growth and the growth in the backyard.

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