Good for Boorowa

Along new and familiar roads, the car’s tyres moved to the beat of some country tunes and podcast pondering. It was a week of new thinking, new wisdom and new pushing, all on old country. But the words of a familiar folk named Sparkles caught me off guard with a simple comment- it’s good for Boorowa.

I started the weekend with a brisk walk along city streets, rushed coffee and a glance through the financial review. Chasing the phone, mapped city turned housing estate before catching the glimpse of some beautiful heavy horses. After a few hours looking at all the horses that called the property home, I knew I was hooked! And it wouldn’t be long until we called a new one ours. Welcome Nelson.

It was then back south to Boorowa. Sunday morning I attended the fire brigade AGM along the road I am learning, before running into Sparkles to discuss the past. And now. I feel driven by something bigger, and I was pleased by his comments, that this, too, was good for the town. I fed the sheep with Nan, both of us excited by the prospect of the upcoming shearing season.

Then some ongoing repairs to the shearing shed and then it was back on the road.

I spent 2 nights in Wagga- guest lecturing at the University on Indigenous agriculture and social media. It was great to turn my mind to these realities of today’s world, learn the thoughts of those entering the industry. All in time, all a part of the future. But slowly our words are considered.

Back home, I think Polly was excited to see me again. The garden seems to be slowly growing and things gradually getting there. All with time.

Tomorrow we start early, heading back north to pick up another car. Photos to come…

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