Rocking roller coaster

This week started on a high- watching my sister speak language, on country, educating youth. Nothing was more powerful than this display of strength and longevity- always was, always will be. Meanwhile, Gloucester chilled-out to a spate of food trucks in the evening, backed up by old cars and market stalls.

At home, a new fence around the garden allowed for the new veggies to be grown. Preventing the dog and the chickens, the fence should provide the ability for new roots to grow and new food to be cherished.

As things traveled down, I found myself conflicted… I’m still at a loss. Still unsure of my snap decision. Still feeling the pain. Yet meanwhile, a stick insect found home in the trees, maybe a subtle reminder that it will straighten itself out.

Monday morning, travel to the Central Coast graced by the moon. Fueled on caffeine, powered by uncertainty, I found myself in boardrooms and rainforests. I embraced the stories, of family history and connection, heavy horses and old cars, while my mind fluttered by. I guess eventually it will process and balance, but for now left bumping on a journey elsewhere.

Back at home, the garden continued to grow. Watered by hand, despite the fear and unmet promise of rain.

New car parts for the Wolseley slowly started to arrive. An old service manual and sheet, trim and then my membership for both the NSW and National Clubs. I’m looking forward to firing the old girl up and taking her on a drive along the coast. Hopefully not too far away.

So here we are. Uncertainty and a dull voided feeling felt years ago into darkness. And slowly it falls, seeking revenge once more.

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