Making Memories

It started on the road- back to hometown feels, tall trees and running sheep. Out under the rain filled skies, new screws held old tin against hand cut beams on the shearing shed. Then from the farm, we piled in on a trip to Goulburn via Crookwell. Greeted by chilling winds and the promise of snow. The Southern Country has nostalgic charm.

It was back to the farm the next morning, finding our way through old memories locked in red sand. Old horse harness strapped the ancient soils it once worked, a time captured waiting for new life. The Sunshine implements hid the reflection in the sky, as more rain made its way down.

An old notebook captured in the toolbox of a tractor told of newer times, even though it was 60 years aged. The tractor took over the heavy horse, which then was replaced by hand and air tools. All with time, things change.

Back to home, after consultations in Sydney provided grounding back on Worimi Country. Soon, old horse memories paused on the walls forever, hoping to be passed down with stories. All in time, I hope they are told and this blog makes way for them each week.

Back at home, Polly continued impressing with new tricks. Slowly she started to come, hopefully learning skills more and more.

Tonight we travelled to Queensland in hope of recreating memories of my youth. As a child, Dad worked on a family car, which once found itself crashed into a tree. Like a symbolic way of rejuvenation, I found a similar model to recreate these dreams. All in time.

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