A different level

After recovering from the worst of the flu, it was back to it. The weekend provided the chance to pause and get things back in order. Slowly our new mailbox was erected from an old plough and milk can, a timeless testament to components of the history of agriculture. There it stands- captured in time, awaiting future meaning.

Pondering the recent CSIRO Science Symposium, climate change provoked the mind about the future. As my mind stretches tens of thousand of years, the science computers place artificial limiters on future projections. But are these real? What is the real future impact of this work?

As I prepared for a speech for the Uniting Church Synod on the issue, it’s in combination of this research with Aboriginal wisdom that my mind swirls. It starts with connection, but what are the impacts? And how does it end?

The start of the financial year starts new habits, frictioned by the early morning travel and associated lack of sleep. This time, it took a little longer to recover- a sign I need to relook at the bigger picture.

Meanwhile at home, apple seeds slowly flourish on the kitchen bench.

Rain falls on another old plough, captured here while my mind drifts to the rolling Boorowa hills.

As the orange tree flourishes, orange and poppyseed muffins provided a new take on utilising the produce.

And Polly belly rubs and training appear to be going a little better.

And the words of JP Dinnell have worked to stretch my mind.

So with that, its powering on. Trying what I can to get to a different level

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