Science and ancient knowledge

I’m writing a bit under the weather today, dragged down by the flu but fighting on as best I can. It’s been good to catch up on some sleep, spend some time at home and just clear the mind a little. All with time to recover and gear up for the next financial year.

It’s been a far cry from time on country, a vast difference to connecting with mob and sharing wisdom with ancient times. Instead, this week I spent my time surrounded by Australia’s leading scientists and discussing climate change.

Climate change directly impacts our mob first- Western ways stealing culture and stories from the past and modern bandaid adaptations covering up the beating black heart underneath. All a constant struggle to survive and thrive no matter the changes. A changing climate, changing culture.

My lack of science knowledge adapted words and findings for my agricultural and Indigenous pursuits- finding meaning to build upon in the future. The climate models track a few decades in advance, while my mind flicks tens of thousands of years in advance. One day, I hope we can all think this far in advance, realising our mob have the answers.

I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend- a few jobs around home and some sleep ins. Some time to just unwind and dream, while the next financial year waits to unfold.

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