More than miles

Old books filled familiar places to inspire future thinking. Filled with the thinking of the time, an old Farmer’s Weekly provided advice to fix anything, while the old show results of another show provided hope for progression of breeds often ignored now. History stored for another day, wondering when it will be acknowledged and learnt from.

The long weekend started for us in Forster for Loryn’s Pop’s Birthday, before dinner at the farm. It was then back to Gloucester for building new round yards up here and then building a sled for future use. By some miracle, the rest of the week was spent at home working away on documents. Sans travel.

Meanwhile at home, the words from Wanganella provide context to new thinking. Rather than going big, relying on small herds and crossings provides control and comparison. Meanwhile, building businesses right provides clarity of place and purpose in this world. Mum and Dad’s FB travel trip has me thinking again of cruising up a highway in an old ute, windows down and country tunes. More than miles, making memories.

Tonight I head back to Boorowa for lamb marking with Nan and hopefully a few clearing sale bids tomorrow. From down in Boorowa, she’s reporting more rain than the coast this week. 8ml on the gauge, tallying up this season with cracking lambs and crazy grass growth.

Take me to the wide open ranges, where red dirt meets hope on the horizon. Let me roam with the sheep and cattle for joy, let me connect with the old people and read the land like a familiar book.

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