Shooting Star Wishing

Travelling along freeways carved in my mind from years of travel, although frequented less often, country music murmurs in the background. Heading back down to Sydney during my weekends isn’t normally my idea of fun, but MeatStock opened up a new perspective. Cue bearded bloke heaven.

As smokey barbecues blasted meaty aromas across the stadium, delicately crafted meat slowly roasted. Meanwhile, the childhood passion of Eleanor (Shelby Mustang) was hard to ignore, however the old school ford pickups demanded sway.

The passion of these cars was enough to enable me to work long into the night, sleeping only for a while before city breakfasts and a trip back up to the farm. Then it was back to Gloucester for the afternoon, feeding Izz and getting ready for the week ahead.

At home this week, Polly played and was trained by a dog trainer who reminisced of his time training up cattle dogs. The garden has provided some handy greens the last week, providing dinner elements for lsat minute cooking. However, unfortunately this week, a fox found our chooks, meaning we will have to rebuild the chook house and start again. It’s easy to be frustrated by this, but it’s all a part of life…

The cold has certainly set in at home, but not quite as bad as Canberra. This week I travelled to Sydney on Tuesday for a meeting, back to Gloucester, then onto Canberra. Then, taking advantage of the trip so close, I came to Boorowa last night.

The poplar trees greeted my path back into town, as the cool nights I remember from my childhood danced in the air. Two shooting stars guided my trip further, encouraging dreaming and wishmaking. Surely they must have known that I was on the trip there.

This morning we checked the sheep, before heading out to the other property to join the wire to the fence. We were greeted by the rain. Lots of rain. Drenched, but grateful, we got the job done ready for the yard to be used now.

I’m looking forward to spending the weekend here, gaining clarity in what I want and testing my thoughts.

Until next week, hooroo.

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