Homestead dreams

This week has naturally focused on Polly, who has slowly started blending into everyday life around here. At times, her instinct has had her rounding up sheep in the backyard and at others calming her puppy ways to connect with a child. Then come the puppy terrors and the occasional need for affection.

Meanwhile, we still await our first egg from the chickens. Despite showing signs of getting close, they have managed to hold on. I’m looking forward to the day that we can get fresh eggs to join the veggies that are growing pretty well.

We’ve also spent some time this week moving things around. We have converted the dedicated reading room to also include an office space, our horse ribbons now hang near the doorway and a new hall stand has moved the bookshelf down the hall. Slowly we continue making progress to our little home.

As we slowly transform this house, it’s also got me thinking about purchasing our first farm. I’m constantly torn between the dilemma of size and scale, legacy and tribute. While it would be easy to buy a block somewhere and start fresh, there’s a demanding hesitation of familiar landscapes that keep calling me back.

With an ancient connection here, it’s hard not to want to start in this location. This is battled with the need for a flatter landscape for the Clydesdale (and future big feather footed horses) and getting an area of scale. Then, the spanner in the works. Despite my desire to be on Worimi land, there’s something about my hometown and Greg’s farm that calls me back. There’s something that makes me want to give it a shot…

Next week is the 52nd Corporate Country Blog. It’s crazy for me to think that it’s been over a year living in Gloucester and what we’ve been able to accomplish in a year. I will make sure I reflect on this next week.

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