The Worimi Way

Despite a few recent sleep-limited nights, it’s hard not to feel empowered and driven. I can see exactly what I want, I’ve been dreaming of where I need to be and the ducks fly seamlessly into row formation. It’s here, now. The ridge line promising guidance.

This week started with an early morning alarm to get Izz ready for the Royal. She took the morning in her stride, not performing too badly out in the ring. We didn’t come home with a ribbon this year, but we’ve learnt heaps and had an incredible time. Now for the next show (and maybe another pony to show as well?)!

We also had the opportunity to look around during the afternoon, watching the campdraft and rodeo. There’s something about these events that bring out the joy, sharing agricultural reality with city Akubra’s and boots looking on.

It was then back to home on Sunday to do the final preparations to the investment property, before curry night. The butter chicken came up a treat. We also learnt our chooks had managed to get over the side fence, venturing to under the house for a new pick.

It was then back to the city, my 4th trip in a week, to attend meetings. The city dull draped over the sun looking for meaning, as the traffic flowed directionless in all hurry. Meanwhile, people dwell on the burning of Notre Dame, as our significant sites remain forgotten.

This week we also picked up a new little puppy- Polly the Border Collie. Having had a Collie pup as a kid (named Wombat), I’ve been feeling the urge to connect more with my childhood and enjoy the simplicity. We’ve only had her for 2 days now, but she is certainly part of the family.

We spent the morning doing cattle work with Loryn’s parents. Their calves out of one of our bulls fascinate me, dropping with braford traits on show to a tee. Fortunately, recent rain has painted the paddocks green.

This weekend, I plan on jotting ideas down, sharing the passion and love for the vision and getting started on the work. In the footsteps of giants, I know the Elders will lead me in the Worimi Way.

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