I’m not done yet.

Flying back from New Zealand last week, I put on a movie and grabbed out a notebook to jot down some thoughts. To be honest, most of the thoughts are the same- the dream of farming on rolling hills, restoring and rebuilding the love of agriculture that flows from the blood of my ancestors, and understanding the role of my People in all of this today. The Worimi air and The Dance lyrics promised more, reminding me of the cause.

It’s this passion, that I believe is lacking from the AgTech space. No technology can remove the love for what farmers do, and I hope it never removes the joy of getting hands in the dirt or breeding animals based on history, rather than productivity. You can read more about my views here.

The weekend started with our local show in Gloucester, this time with some Clydie friends for company. Izz took out best presented, sharing her new trimmed tail and lack of fluff, with ease. We headed back to start work on a stable for the week, before taking her to the showground again for the grand parade.

Somehow Sunday seemed a bit easier, with time to enjoy the garden which is thriving after the recent rain, and sleep in a little. Sweet strawberries still fill expanding vines, as the chooks wonder the backyard with a sense of entitlement. After a nap and connecting back with country, it was back to shifting my calendar in preparation for the week.

It was then back to Sydney, with 3am country music playing constantly, seeking attention through the fog. The words of Eric Church’s live performance of Springsteen seemed to cut through like a knife, repeated along the Bucketts for added meaning. And as the night wore long, so too did the country tracks, each marking the pavement sketching meaning.

The rest of the week was focused on the preparation for the Royal, each day ensuring that everything was right and ready for our first time showing there. We received a new tail ribbon and mane roll from E.L.Freeman, finished the stable and packed, all leading up to a Thursday afternoon drive to the big smoke.

So, here we are. Friday morning. Last night we travelled to Sydney, horse in tow. Stabled, the hardest part was parking the float. We eventually got there, and now, a little tired, I’m back in Newcastle for work before heading back down tonight.

I’m feeling a little bit worse for wear at the moment. I’m looking forward to a sleep in and cups of tea whilst reading, just taking time to re-configure. But, I’m not done yet! I’ve got so much more to give, so much more I want to achieve. So many more dreams to share, so much love to give and so many ideas I want as a reality. I’m not done yet.

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