I’m sitting in our new home. Views of the Buccan Buccan play through the rear windows as paint lines walls throughout. A soft breeze continues to provide life and flow here. Each breath an opportunity for new life.

This week has provided plenty of time for reflection and understanding. As poetry read loudly through the speakers at the saleyards, the mountains shone through a rainy night. Meanwhile, a didgeridoo hums through the air, accompanied by a strummed guitar.

It was also a time to show Izz, back in a familiar town. As the Clydesdale society supports us, we always feel blessed with their presence. Learning new skills, having a yarn, all the traditional country ways with gentle giants.

I’m blessed to live on country, honoured to work where I do, and drive to succeed. I see the prize brighter in the distance and dream at night of my role. This is home, no matter what. No more ridiculous excuses or crazy promises, no more self doubt. This is it.

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