A vision greater than my own…

Penchant an opportunity to remind me of the drive, the nub of this week has been watching myself move each day from beyond. Each footstep taken, word uttered or memory reflected, all in awe to the vision splendid of the past. As this country grows around me, I bathe in the enlightenment of tragic pasts and hopeful tomorrows, singing familiar songs in foreign tongue.

Slowly the verse forms into the language that my people speak, painting pictures on modern walls designed for caves. Each glimpse searches my soul for spirit, drawing out the breath to ancient sounds. And in this landscape, I try to thrive harder, asking more from myself. While the city still demands presence, and my flexible working isn’t appreciated by all, here I strive for acknowledgement in the land of my people. Questioning by my ancestors who walk amongst us and answering solely to my actions.

My week aimed to spotlight this and remind me of those who shared this vision first. As I entered the room for the NSW ACT Young Achiever Awards, the dots aligned and the projections from earlier became reality. I was honoured to be named as the winner of the First National Real Estate Leadership Award.

The clarity built on the shores by the Opera House the next morning as we brunched as ships past and previous history lay cemented in the landscape. Slowly the trip back home cherished another farm visit, with the cows roaming Pop’s paddocks and ravenous mossies taking aim as we roll out hay. It was then back to home, with lights shining brighter than before in our little town, greeted graciously by the stars above.

It was then back to the realities. Work filled weekend wishes, routines rattled personal plans and more time was spent feeding ponies then focused on the bigger dream. So as time ticked, I became drawn to the whispers again, begging for my mind to focus. And so it did.

The laptop fired my thoughts across borders, looking for answers. Researched flowed from the internet to my dreams, cattle moving through open fields to open minds. Clarity formed on next steps, so easy, I’m not sure why those before haven’t paved the way. So now’s the time.

I’m feeling pretty drained, my mind is in a state of flux and despite trying to catch up on sleep, I still crave it. I’m not achieving all that I can, at times I’m a long way off. But the vision lives on, the wind tells me every time I lose faith, the ocean pounds it against the shore.

It’s all a vision much greater than my own.

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