A different sort of pace

Being back home this week has helped distil my thoughts from the last few, allowing time to see the stars and connect a few dots. A different time, a different momentum, all stacking up to what we see. And then eventually to what we don’t. The past, left stagnant for what was, urging the creator to pay respect for the future.

I’ve spent much of this week trying to learn. In trying to hone my sales and property skills, I have chased realtors for advice. My actions only a small drop in the ocean at this stage, yet being on Worimi country I am reminded that every creek leads to something bigger. So here I learn and focus on the dream- tiptoeing and lying around the key driver, with only myself at the end of the sword. At least I realise this now…

Saturday morning was an early start to the Cessnock Show to put Izz on display once more. She eventually settled, despite twitching as the lead changed, but otherwise performed well in light of the noise. I slowly remind myself how fascinating these animals are. How they forged many parts of the nation and were relied upon for many years before the engine.

And then the lack of sleep caught up. I spent the remainder of the afternoon napping, trying to catch up. I’m still not sure how sleep lags behind the rest of the calendar entries and my to do list, particularly when I’m not always achieving the things I know I can. But slowly it looms, waiting for the opportunity to strike. Last year, about this time, was 2 whole days when I couldn’t wake. This time just one.

Sunday offered new hope. An early morning trip to Sydney for work, where I could again share my work skills, blending property and discussions which are appearing to flow more and more. Slowly this new found state encouraged a balanced perspective, drawing more and more insights from the surrounds. And then it started…

The week pivoted to a slower pace, providing more time than I recall in the past. I was able to acknowledge new aspects that I must have glimpsed over hundreds of times before, finding new found meaning in the landscape that only spoke to me before waiting for response. Book pages passed faster, writing jotted down quicker and new lessons and understanding gained instantly. Suddenly, things combined and I knew what I was talking about again.

I’m embracing this new found pace and hoping I can keep up. There is more I want to do and see, more I want to achieve. So much more…

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