A common language

Around a circle, we ran. Words ushered, chanting for inclusion and for acceptance. When entering the ring we listed the traits in which we give, those in which we hope to embody for now and into the future. Song and candle flickering started the embracement of this place, and soon the joy, with a paradoxical serious undertone, became apparent.

It’s been years in which I had been here, yet still the welcoming soul blessed and embraced our presence. Graced with an Aunty’s permission earlier that morning, the coastline opened up, rainforest shared new wisdom and stories shared long into the night. Our Intrepid Landcare retreat always produces this calmness and this clarity.

Intrepid Landcare Board and Friends

After this retreat, it was back to Sydney. The skylined relished and basked in the sun’s glow, disappearing into the dark. Early mornings started the working week, with meetings interrupting patterned processes. It was then back to Newcastle for an early morning flight to Melbourne, another motel room night.

This morning flight was interrupted by aircraft maintenance, so a book kept track of time in the distance. Words on sales to help develop my skills, guided and lodged deeply in the mind. All waiting for the next opportunity of use.

Our AgriFutures Ignite Panel

Melbourne called for evokeAg, hosting an agricultural conference un-ag like. Not a tractor in site, only an akubra or two and open discussion about climate change. Definitely not standard Australian agriculture. From technology to native foods, wagyu to olive oil to salmon and honey, this event hosted the heart of agriculture’s next steps. All the lessons caught up in a masterclass, waiting to be grasped by passionate youth for the next marathon.

I learnt about how much ground our cattle breed had to come, how the world and our consumers expected more for little (if any) additional return and how our industry lags behind the world. How to become more than merely players on this stage, how new thinking of the world will connect us more.

Back at home, the cattle roam ancient river flats, seeking the revival of the past. The future demands a new approach, with sustainability to last. My mind floats to the dream within, looking for a chance. Guided by the brand within, informed by “The Dance”.

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