Saltwater Freshwater

This week I feel it’s only apt to entitle this blog after our celebration of culture, a moment to pause, reflect and dream. Along the jetty at Coffs, overlooking the white peaked ocean, I find it hard to reconcile the landscape. At one end, American inspired piers path boardwalk style stardom over our ancient coast, while the other blasts of my culture, promising a new wave of solid foundations for the future.

The tapping on a guitar beats with clapsticks in an Uncle’s hands, a didgeridoo hums peacefully while modern rap guides its way into our language. Foreign cuisines and hipster coffee vans share the space of baskets weaved and dotted paintings, a glaring symbolism of unity. As one, we thrive, celebrating culture and standing proud in the plight of politics and hidden agendas.

Where the river meets the sea, based on old trading routes, we share. Saltwater Freshwater, this landscape’s story still sings and thrives with our culture and with our old people. I am so internally proud of my Dad who was on the organising committee, ensuring our mob had a voice. His ability to share his passion and commitment, even without speaking it, it something that I hope I can pass on.

This week was also the first of my parents hosting people at their AirBnB. Nestled into the farm and boasting views of the paddock and river, it has offered our 3 families a glimpse into farming life in Worimi Country. It’s also prompted us to share some of the produce we grow, so we spent a few hours harvesting honey. It must have been alright, as the first 4 bottles sold out overnight! If you are looking for somewhere to stay, check out Mum and Dad’s AirBnB here-

We’ve also been working on bringing Izz the Clydesdale up closer to home, so started work on this old dairy to turn into a wash bay and storage shed.

Meanwhile at home, the chooks continue to grow and are slowly starting to adventure further in the backyard.

Next week promises some time back in the city. All the while thinking, what’s next in this Corporate Country life.

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