Embracing Simple Living

Having returned from holidays and now being in the second week of work, it’s hard to think of what the bustle was like before taking time off. I remember feeling frustrated in the local coffee shop when it took more than 5 minutes to get a coffee, wondering why it took substantially more time than in the city. I wonder about the small talk, the slowing walking pace on the streets, others knowing the family links and actions even before me.

This week started with an early morning trip to the farm, then to Johns River to collect some new bees for Mum’s birthday. I then headed home as friends helped install new fans and lights into the house, before dinner with my family for Mum’s birthday. The following day, we did the same for Loryn’s Dad.

Monday was spent catching up further on work, before heading to the farm to draft cattle for sale and crushing wax filled frames to golden honey. Early the next morning, white lines guided me back to the city skyscrape, lighting up at night slowly to finish the long day.

As this week warms the ground more and more, grass dies subtly to a browning backdrop. It’s obvious to me the role climate change plays on this landscape, as fish die in their thousands out west. Meanwhile, Indigenous voices are hushed and left out, standard for this time of year.

Simple living appears to be paying off at home, as produce thrives in the garden, chickens continue to grow and new opportunities form. Sometimes, things just seem to fall into place, developing and unfolding simply, as if an indication of its rightness.

Embracing this lifestyle has certainly improved the many aspects of my life- allowing me and driving me to thrive in my corporate job, connect with country and family and discover Worimi country more fully. It’s this basic lifestyle I crave- appreciating each moment and conversation, each memory and place. Shared and taught to me by those who I hold dear, maybe they had already learnt this life skill before.

Even if waiting in coffee shops can be a bit too much…

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