Teach Me.

The sun awakened to the waves crashing, calling for the beach and nearby dolphins to bathe in Worimi beauty. Nearby, a child’s laughter warms the day, as pelicans play for attention and a feed. Saltwater, saltwater people, owned by this glorious county.

Through the words of interviews and research, books bring to life the surrounding mountain ranges. Running through my mind, my ancestors pass by to the next challenge, wearing newly cut skin upon their chests. Nearby, goanna carved trees rustle to the kookaburra laughing drone of a didgeridoo, clapping to the campfire cracks.

Mother Earth breathes in time to the rhythm of society, exasperated and exhausted by the city flair. Meanwhile on the coast, time stops and she shines in beauty. Each moment is one of passion and pride, spurring on my mob with purpose. Every beat, every guiding moment.

The last week has allowed early mornings passing dolphins in the boat, new chooks clucking in the backyard singing new tunes and sleep ins catching up from before. New Years cracked loudly in the sky, shimmering over the sea. Before long, it was over. Time to start over again.

It’s a few days on in the new year and I’m still not sure what I want. The thought of more constantly drives me as the cityscape constantly demands more of my mind. Seamlessly, my heart and body craves the Worimi sun, sea and sounds. Here I belong, here I thrive.

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