Simple living

It’s been a week since work finished, a time to celebrate and share, relax and unwind. The coffee consumption has slowed, naps occur frequently and the sun’s rays kiss the skin more often. Worimi country lights up, translucent water illuminating dolphins and ancient trade routes, the nearby beach sparkling and glistening in the sun.

As the sun gets a bit warmer, the urge to get back into the garden kicks back in. Utilisation of time and land merges in the mind, as new planning occurs for growth. Each little opportunity to develop the next stage, a chance to turn our little home more productive.

As Mum and Dad travel south to Boorowa to have Christmas with Nan, Loryn and I continued on with calf duties morning and night. It’s exciting to watch them frolic in the fields, moving gracefully with the weather’s guidance. Thankful for the journey, their opportunity to thrive plays out within the paddocks.

Between calf feedings, much of our time has been spent near or on the water. A mere luxury often overlooked in cooler months, the canals and beach have been perfect.

We spent Christmas morning waking up in our home, a celebration of spending our first Christmas together since making this investment. Under our fulfilled tree, lights sparkling brighter than before as we shared presence and presents. It was lovely to just pause and spend time together. No phones, no work, just us.

At the farm, Pop shared his garden hobby with produce success. Box after box of tomatoes and cucumbers were kept for sharing with others.

As the last blog this year, I can’t help but think to the year ahead. With big plans brewing in my mind, I can’t help but think towards the simple things I want- a simple life, embracing moments and enjoying little things.

Here’s to 2019.

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