Buccan Buccan Dreaming

It’s hard to believe this year has flowed to another end, marking a chance for another fresh start. Since May, I have tried to capture my views and thoughts, travels and adventures, through Corporate Country. Each week, this blog has kept me grounded, optimistic for the next chapter and hopeful for what else I will learn. All in time I guess- whenever it’s meant to happen.

Travelling across country- coast back to the mountains, North to South, it’s evident the rain revival has breathed oxygen back into the countryside. The storm last night crushing trees and firing shots of rain and hail a mere contradiction to the dry of the past- Mother Nature showing her form and craving change.

Somehow, this time of year makes me crave the beach, with my heart and soul running between the Buccan Buccan and Mograni and trekking the Amerton back paddocks with Nan. The heat and hope for rain as the only Christmas present needed, the dependence on the reading of the land and survival and the heritage and joy. It’s the game- the ability for everything to change in a moment, the opportunity for opportunity.

There is a subtle dreaming as we start seeing the year out- an aspirational future hidden behind the dusty past or a muddy present. In reflecting on the past year, it’s often easy to leave things out, easy to overlook the little things that seem like a blur now. In writing down these activities and backtracking through my calendar, there were a few gems I found. A few memories to build on, a few new stories to draw out.

As my mind wanders to the nearby hills, I can’t seem to drive out the thought of rolling hills and sheep, as cattle mysteriously wonder neighbouring paddocks. In hope, the more I discover about my past, the more I want to know. The more I want each legacy to live on. As time ticks, I ponder if I will get the chance. Whether I can connect the dots in time and discover what I need, while also adding my own elements to hopefully live on as well.

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