Always was.

In a world subject to changing fast and trying to keep ahead, gentle giants and a few old maps question the revolutionising change. Amidst the rush, a wave of slowing paces the hallow hallways, screaming for a recognition of the past. Often unnoticed, it is still here. Always was. Always will be.

After spending Saturday morning judging the Newcastle Showgirl Competition, it was a steady drive to Camden for a heavy horse training weekend. Amongst new and old faces, experience oozed with emotion as the commitment to the breed was shared and passed down. Gentle giants were handled with gentle hands, allowing flowing feathers to glide with confidence.

Amongst friends, tips were shared to show off these incredible animals, something often lacking in our agricultural sector. We shared passion and purpose, history and hope. Tales told of horses boarding trains to travel for Royal Shows and how winning could earn an exhibitor 90 pound, now lost to aluminium floats and $90 rewards.

Home called for a day, then back to Sydney to celebrate our company turning 5. Above the cityscape, Aboriginal success was acknowledged, paving a new road and inspiring the future. Again the Redfern Dancers performed, tear jerking and reaffirming our why.

Back at home, I found the desire to reach out about my family. Gloucester has always felt like home and the recently found connection to A.A. Company got me pondering the past. What did it mean for members of my family to be taken? How can I make their legacy live on?

After a quick email to the company, I was put in contact with the researchers who keep their historic records. Amongst the records I found early maps of our country, delicately prepared for the future. Now captured back in our family. Hopefully forever.

As the research continued, I found farm records from the 1870’s. Purchases of huts and cooking equipment to start what we have today. Journals talked of the connection, shepherding Merinos in prime cattle country today.

These stories and passion for the past provide me with hope. Hope that they will be told and kept for the future. Hope that the insights I’m generating will inform my family forever. Hope that this is the start and that there is a lot more to go.

Last night we got our final calf for the year, another bull calf. Through his eyes and desire to stand I could see the combination of my passions, shared forever in the landscape and our connection. Always was. Always will be.

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