When you speak

The heat of last Saturday seemed to be the perfect time to start building a veggie garden in our otherwise fairly empty backyard. Scorching the Earth and threatening more due to our changing climate, it was no wonder this season has been reflected as one of the worst since colonisation. Yet if people listened to our Indigenous Elders, they would understand that these severities aren’t just from modern times.  Just more common, just more severe.

It was then back to the farm for some early morning cattle work- tagging a few new fresh calves and drenching the others to protect them against the season. While the drought threatened hay supplies and quadrupled the price, the last month has seen it almost impossible to get tick tags and drench from local suppliers. Another lagged effect from desperate times. Then to the Central Coast, back to doing horse work and then prep for an early morning flight back to Canberra.

Back at home for the rest of the week, I’ve found joy watching the rabbit explore the backyard as finches and king parrots dance to the breeze above. Young magpies cry for attention in the sweltering heat, while new seedlings emerge to their own rhythm. Calves bellow to find grace within the paddock as rain drizzles to prompt revival. Fitting in with this pace seems easy, but the hustling mind seeks more.

This week I’ve spent a lot of time pondering a podcast quote that wedged itself into the core of my mind to demand answers. It went along the lines of this:

When you speak, you deny the voice of others.

In pondering the quote frequently, I think about how relevant it is in a world with a fragile (if not broken) political system. This applies to minorities more than others and somehow, despite providing what we can, our voice is silenced. In my world, it looks like the following:

  • Non-Indigenous People telling me or questioning what is and isn’t culturally appropriate.
  • The regenerative agriculture movement holding up Indigenous principles as best practice, but not allowing us to tell our stories.

While these views are valued, somehow they are only valued when shared by someone alike. Somehow, the very voices they want to rely upon are the ones that are denying.

So when we speak, what voices might we be denying?

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