Despite clocks moving forward, the second hand has made its way around a little slower than normal. Nights have shortened to the early morning only as the rooster continues to early morning crow. Locked into phone call schedules and guided by the constant buzz, this week has been driven by interruption.

The cold snap rattled the farm as we lost a younger calf to a teary sky, greeted only with another new birth. Sometimes the activities on the farm build up in competition with the daily work- a constant challenge of measuring priorities, pressing needs and internal struggles. Sometimes it means pushing that little more, thinking a little bit harder or crossing paths to try and work things out.

As work takes up it’s share of the day, the rest of the time has been focused on everything farm- our new farm plan and marketing, the push to include Aboriginal People into the sector to have the voice they deserve, to ensure the cattle are doing the best they can, all on top of worrying about our new cows being transported from Queensland. The good news is they made it. Selecting cattle to buy online without seeing the animal was never going to be easy, but I must have smiled like a cheshire cat when the heifers made their way off the truck.

After finding it hard to fall asleep yet again, my nights pondered the future activities of the farm, how we engage others, build opportunities and breed the best brafords we can. And then, there she was… A 9 month, solid built heifer symbolising in one animal where we need to be.

I love this country, the way it moves with the moon, whispers with the wind and responds to the rain. The Worimi wisdom flowing through streams and building soil for the future, pulling me back to the farm and forcing my destiny to farm myself. Each moment laid out in the eyes of our old people singing from the caves of the hills. All waiting for the right moment, the right movement. All waiting…

Sometimes the day to day catches you up, forces you to bury down and takes up time you didn’t realise you had. Sometimes the big picture stuff can feel miles away, a distant heartbeat trying desperately to draw you closer.  And sometimes it just all arrives, there for when you need it most.

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