We have much to learn

"We have much to learn". These are the words enthusiastically sprouted from Sydney's Mayor Clover Moore at the Indigenous Streams Summit on Wednesday. Together at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, our mob got together to share stories of wisdom, strength and optimism in a world where our knowledge is often forgotten or devalued. Unhushed, these voices awaken to honest discussion. Lived freely through the words of our people. 

Another drafting yard

Chasing rainbows to the farm end, the welcomed rainfall greened the countryside further, encouraging more growth. It's crazy to think that in the past few weeks our rainfall has been measured again in the inches once again, refreshing the landscape and those dependent upon its revival in our area. Growth now awaiting time yet again.


Despite clocks moving forward, the second hand has made its way around a little slower than normal. Nights have shortened to the early morning only as the rooster continues to early morning crow. Locked into phone call schedules and guided by the constant buzz, this week has been driven by interruption.

Etched in skin

Tattooed deeply in my skin, crossing my heart, are three symbols, running boldly across my chest adjoining my mob name. Each mark is representative of the braford breeders before me, my Parents, Grandparents and Great Grandparents, those that fought and strived for the joy of a new calf. Each mark representative of where I have come from, who I'm accountable to and my passion.

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