Every little bit…

As the storms danced their way around the mountains, the temptation of rain teased the needy ground, desperate for a little bit more. Slowly the clouds opened up, unearthing more questions and false hope. Would this be enough for now? Will this get us through until the next fall? On and on the cycle goes, but ever vigilant that what we need is every little bit.

Despite a throwback to a mindset brewing from the past, this week has been a focus on renewal. The renewal of routines, thoughts, focus and passion. This developing clarity grows deeply, filling dreams and feeds for reminder. I have been open to the past, listened more and more to the learnings and now it’s time. Time to build and develop every little bit.

This week started with another month of cattle sales, and then my old school’s 150th celebration. It is the same school that my Pop barely attended, taken out to farm in the fields of their nearby dairy. Never one to share more than a mumble or a few sentences, he’s got me wondering about that decision. That time. I wonder where his passion for mathematics could have taken him if he could have pursued it. What could have been, whether he’s happy.

Harnessing and drawing in my interest back to Boorowa, Nan has kept me updated about the farm down there. It’s apparent, at least to me, that if circumstances were different I would want to be there, playing my part in the potential that we both see. The vision. The vision that has been there for years, yet so isolated from any discussion. Having sold some sheep again this week, it was rather the journey to the wool sales she wanted to share with me.

Surrounded by the imagery of men in suits in aged timber pews, the status and class of agriculture’s place in society is captured so prominently. The pride of timber displays for an award winning fleece an Honour Role for those that fought, an old photo of some big old ram. All confined to the concrete walls and modern warehousing, where only memories can be created and lived on in minds. Every little bit that lives on needs grasping.

Yet today, I am lost. Lost in the city, with app development and sirens, uber rides and cheap suits. Lost to why we gave up some of the traits of the past, arguably some of the pride and respect built to an earlier booming industry. Now I’m not saying we need it all, but every little bit needs to be on the mind.

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