Farm Focused

Soil hasn’t truly reached the soles of my worn out pair of boots, calves have only played together in my mind and notion of stepping up farming has just been tinkering in my thoughts. My eyes have only been cast across this landscape once this week, but there is a feeling things are getting ahead. Growing optimism from a few drops of rain.

Yet I’m reminded that this rain is not enough. The grass is still taking time to grow, particularly with some colder snaps, and hay is basically impossible to find locally. Green grass purely a mirage in the conditions we actually face. Disheartening, but a reality, one that we will come to know all too well. Meanwhile, sheep sold in the 50’s down south, hoping for more as well.

In between the work, white lines passed by, reflecting from wearing headlights. Alarms ring to start new days, carelessly driving action before thought. Mind running, time ticking, caffeine fueled and days merging- all part of the journey towards the long term play. Farm focused, yet another driver.

The concept of busyness has been on my mind this week, what is enough, what areas need work and how to better get to where I need to be. What are the learnings along the way, the barriers that you need to face and the distractions that get in the way- and what’s the impact of all these adding up? Can the focus drive the next stage? And then there’s that calling…

At times the city landscape adds up, polluting the mind and creating an unnecessary rush in simple actions. Yet there is something in the clean lines and the friction of basic life, surrounded by a border of forest segregating the bright lights and the rest. Then there is nature, showing what is truly possible.

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