Meanwhile, back in Nabiac

Cattle sales snuck up again, like an informal tracker, monitoring time and the weather. As calves dropped bullishly at the farm, prices steadied in the yards, a reminder of past droughts when old, gentle men shook and cried at the fall of the hammer- a crime to watch their good cattle sell for a week of meals. While many farmers fidget feverously and beg for a bit more on the prices, auctioneers dance in the ring to the rhythm of a wild steer. The high of a bid with a raise of a hand insists hope of future rains and a paddock of feed.


After an afternoon of cattle work with some fresh new faces, we took a load out to another block to grow. That night, cattle sold over and over through a few yarns, as tales and learnings where shared between family and friends. And even though we talked all night, we still haven’t even got to the bullocks yet.


This week has taken me from the saleyards at the farm to our skyscraper offices in Sydney- a week of shared feelings from mental stimulation and optimism. It’s also been a week of more clarity and reflection for me- particular in the agricultural space.


If you have tuned into the news in Australia this week, you will see the scorched brown earth, struggling in the dance for more rain, almost repelling those that make the patches of ground their homes. The same sight that many have been facing for months before- the one that many dread and feel deeply beyond views. What was once only being shared from the kitchen windows is now in the living rooms of houses across Australia, demanding attention and in search of hope.


Yet meanwhile back at our farm, I can’t help but to feel blessed. While the season is by no means perfect, the fresh batch of calves have certainly whispered hope from Mother Earth. Somewhere, sometime, just hopefully. And in the meantime, fresh Holden ute parts keep me reflecting on yesteryears to inform my future, while my parents look forward.


Meanwhile, back in Nabiac, I can’t help feel the pride and commitment of my parents to future generations. They have always been involved in our local community, fighting and investigating some tragic fires, fundraising to make a difference and lending everything they own (including at times their house) to people facing adversity. More recently, giving young people a start in agriculture and opening their home again to provide people with a fresh start pursuing work, I can’t help but be in awe and be inspired of their generosity. Laying the foundations for the future, I can’t wait to keep instilling this further.


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