To an airport and back

As sunflowers bloomed in Singapore glows, koi nestled fake pond shores as the butterflies flew restricted in caged walls. Having spent days (or maybe weeks) in airports over the past few years, the Singapore airport was something different. Something next level.

And yet perhaps a start of the journeys to pursue this week, it was fascinating that an airport could be so accommodating, so busy. After getting to Melbourne, then Newcastle, it was surreal to be back in a car, heading to the farm. With new calves, the first from our new bull, hitting the ground, excitement flowed as calves ran towards the us with joy.

And after a night at home and spending my day catching up on everything I had missed in 2 weeks, it was off to a new airport, with new sites. Newcastle-Brisbane-Gold Coast-Melbourne-Sydney and then finally home.

This week I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the olden days- the times lost to encyclopaedias, old novels and yarns. There’s something about a 50 year old car laying idle in a shed that makes me wonder, family history that sparks my mind and an old photo that makes me dream. What have we lost in the past that we should still have today? How do we keep tradition and culture alive. Living. Breathing.

And while I’m looking forward to a weekend ahead at home, I know it won’t be long until I’m at an airport and back, finding the next adventure.

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