This week was unlike many before- one of the first weeks since starting the blog that hasn’t involved a motel room (although did involve a day trip to Sydney).

The week started with a trip back to Nabiac for the markets, cutting firewood and then the cattle sales. After a quick chat to Loryn’s horse friends that plough their fields by horse, I ducked over to the goods and chattels sale and picked up this new coat rack (below) and some new ornaments for inside.


The cattle sales were quite an adventure. Prices were up this month, with a few sprinklings of rain making some buyers prepared to take a gamble. Loryn’s brothers picked up a few heifers, who decided to take a more adventurous path to the yards than what we might had planned. After quite a few extra hours, some outmaneuvering and some sets of extra hands, the cattle have found themselves in the midst of hay and some more people interaction.

As the end of financial year ended, it was also a time for me to thank those that made 2017/18 an awesome year. It’s been a pretty incredible 12 months really- great projects, incredible locations and experiences and above all, some amazing people. To thank those who have made the most difference and impact on my life, I sent out these cards in an attempt to thank them just slightly…


This week also provided me with the opportunity to talk about Corporate Country with the ABC, sharing my experiences and lessons since taking the plunge. In reflection of our chat, for me the takeouts were:

  • If you create trust in others and keep proving your worth, it makes the process a lot easier.
  • It helps when you aren’t chasing the dollars, but it also means your cost of living is a lot less.
  • Living on country can also help fuel the fire- pushing you to new levels of clarity and work ethic.

I also have been back to Sydney for work meetings and a team lunch. It was great to connect again with our team who I talk to almost every day and take some time to celebrate a year of achievements.

And today- I’m just excited for the next 2 weeks. Loryn and I have a week trip planned to Tasmania, so stay tuned for photos, and then the next week I’ll be off to Indonesia and Singapore with some good friends to look at startups and entrepreneurship in the region.

Just one final note. The old man picked up this awesome old FB ute this week to start restoring. I’m way too excited, there’s something about the shape and that old charm that’s making me want to get my own….

Until next week.

Hooroo, JG.


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