That is the word that I have been left with after attending the Future Shapers Forum in Canberra this week. Amongst the myriad of thoughts and ideas, quotes and conversations, somehow this one word encapsulates the feeling that’s left- of inspiring hope, a dramatic need for change and futures filled with uncertainty.

So why unfinished?

Perhaps it’s the state of trying to improve my routine and in planning for the future, or maybe even in reflection of some of the things I’ve started that have been left (like some of the painting still left in our house). Or maybe it is in reflection of the conference- pondering particularly the point of Vint Cerf, the founder of the internet.


In a speech appropriately named ‘The Unfinished Internet’, Vint provided a list of things that still needed to be fixed and what his plans are for the future. If the founder of something that impacts billions of people every day thinks the technology is unfinished, what else out there might need finishing?


At the conference, our eyes were opened to many different things, from political system ideas, leadership traits and even food. The above shows one part of a meal, crocodile loins with mealworm and dukkah toppings.

I was also provided with the opportunity to meet an ever inspiring Linda Burney who shared some tales of her experience in politics, her hopes for the political system into the future and some advice on remaining patient and sticking to your morals. In a time where it is so easy to question the future, particularly with an uncertain political environment, being positive and building the better world is more stimulating and hopeful. Turn adversity into advantage.IMG_3494

This week was also joined by adding a new barn style door to the kitchen to help keep some of the heat in the house, a Board meeting for Farmers for Climate Action and a lot more writing, including this article entitled “All the Farms a Stage“.

So this weekend, as we settle in to the cattle sales and markets, I am pondering what I have left unfinished and what unfinished items may have been left by our old People that are desperate to be acted upon… All in time to be unfinished for those who follow.

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