So what happens next?

This is the key question I keep coming back to, the thought that crosses my mind at times of good or bad, regardless of the size of the issue. My mind often comes to this realisation quickly, then in a drawn out state of reflection and with time, it unearths itself again demanding to be answered.

And so the process goes, in all the pondering and searching, I often instead remind myself of all that has gone, the foundation that has been built for this question. Yet, it wasn’t until finishing Legacy  that I began to think maybe building upon a foundation wasn’t right. That the base of standing upon the shoulders of a thousand giants isn’t what resonates with me, so much as having my ancestors blood running with mine. My families impact is more than just building the start, it’s ingrained, living with me and pushing for that next bit.

With some more family memories being placed throughout the house, it’s a reminder that they’ve done more than get me to a new starting block. They are continuing on this journey with me.

So with that, I’ve been reading. Reflecting on my experiences that have gone, learning how to better commit to the journey I want to take and mapping out how I plan on getting there. Too often I have purchased books and nestled into a chapter or two and found something new, but deep within the pages of multiple books later, it’s clear to me that I’m doing what I need.


It’s also been the time to get back and enjoy the cattle, learning some new skills and ideas in how to better breed our bloodlines and keep generating what it is we have committed to. In the paddock, it’s easy to just connect and enjoy, not think about the bigger picture you are trying to develop and pass on. The nature of the cattle always get to me. Those that have always been a bit stand-offish, others that seek attention and then the calves that think it’s all a game.

It is these memories, like the ones I still behold of my childhood, that I seek to recreate and share.


In the push to get more of nature inside as well, we recently purchases these exquisite plants for inside from Plants in a Box. They are a fantastic way to provide that bit more green inside!


So with that, this week has slowly been drawn to a close, yet the start of a new week to plan, dream and map the next years…

Hooroo, and until next week.


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