More than a legacy

From the cold of the Nation’s capital this morning, it’s more obvious to me that this week has been one of reflection and balance. It’s easy to get caught up, easy to be rushing to get nowhere or being confused as to what things need to be done. The city helps drive that behaviour in me, the pressure of the hustle and bustle reminds me of the drum scene in The Pursuit of Happyness– begging for more considered thought.


So with the long weekend driving the start of this process, Loryn and I attended the Taree EnviroFair to see what else is happening locally. Having been pondering tiny houses before, it was great to see one built locally, along with locally grown and cooked food and an obvious culture that appeared so underground to me before. We then headed to Forster for Loryn’s Pop’s Birthday, then back to the farm to check things out there.


While at the farm, Dad gave us an old, New Home sewing machine, one that belonged not so long ago to my family hiding their ancestory and true blood. Now unearthed and now back in Gloucester on our land, it’s now another sign for me of the past and where I have come from. But in this reflection, these thoughts and this balance, it’s the hope that this will flow into the future. That future generations won’t lose these thoughts and identity.


So it was back to the books for me. Laptop and work far from my mind, it was the words of ways in which I can improve that resonated so deeply. What I need to be doing now to grow, to truly make my mark and leave something behind for the future. So it’s been line after line, word after word, honing these skills again for the hope of a richer legacy for those that come next.


The cold has well and truly set in now, with fog laying stagnant at mountain bases throughout the day and wind gusts freezing everything in its path. But it’s in this light I see how hard and committed my Worimi People were in the past. Not just managing vast landscapes, but the seasons and harsh weather to continue to grow and practice culture.


It’s more than a legacy. More than just looking back and remembering or trying to connect. It’s in the blood, shared throughout generations to flow so deeply. So calmly. So gently.


And with the hope of this blood that’s urging me forward, I’m committed to keep it flowing. Keep it ingrained in the past, with hope for the future.


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