Rusty wire to corporate flyer

Out of the reflection from last week and back to acknowledging the reality of today and the future, this week started in the scrub, fixing fences on land destined to give a fresh start. With the guidance from above and a need to get my hands dirty, heading back close to the farm to pen the cattle we purchased the weekend before was a great escape.

Where trees had grown through old wires, keen to exist together, native pastures grew slowly wary of the occasional wallaby or deer. With now a chance to provide a new start, the land is open for synergy- giving steadily in the hope of a bigger future.


The weekend draped slowly promising more time. Time to understand. Time to dream.

Before long, the week started with a constant meeting day, calls and videos of ongoing projects, broken by a tour of The Tucker Patch. Within town limits stands the opportunity to connect with food, earth and others, a permaculture garden and share farm for new and old ideas to flourish. Home to a self sustaining and perpetuating garden of vegetables and green growth, bordered by a gourd tunnel and nearby ponds.

It was great to get an appreciation for the connection and community grown surrounding the garden, while bees buzz purposefully over shared crops. With hopes of being able to share some new ideas and learn a lot, I’ve committed to volunteering when I can to help make my mark here.


Then it was back to the bustle of city streets and vivid lights, pathing way for new appreciation. In the depths of a motel room, with raindrops forming company on the window outside, a new book filled my mind with possibility and hope. With the start of a new appreciation for the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been travelling upon, words on pages provided the clarity and push I needed.

And now back to Gloucester, unlikely for long. But under the wisdom from mountain caves and milkyway nights, a fresh mind can dream again…

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master”


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