Unfinished.  That is the word that I have been left with after attending the Future Shapers Forum in Canberra this week. Amongst the myriad of thoughts and ideas, quotes and conversations, somehow this one word encapsulates the feeling that's left- of inspiring hope, a dramatic need for change and futures filled with uncertainty. 

So what happens next?

This is the key question I keep coming back to, the thought that crosses my mind at times of good or bad, regardless of the size of the issue. My mind often comes to this realisation quickly, then in a drawn out state of reflection and with time, it unearths itself again demanding to be answered. And so the process goes, in all the pondering and searching, I often instead remind myself of all that has gone, the foundation that has been built for this question. It wasn't until finishing Legacy  that I began to think maybe building upon a foundation wasn't right. That the base of standing upon the shoulders of a thousand giants isn't what resonates with me, so much as having my ancestors blood running with mine. My families impact is more than just building the start, it's ingrained, living with me and pushing for that next bit. 

More than a legacy

From the cold of the Nation's capital this morning, it's more obvious to me that this week has been one of reflection and balance. It's easy to get caught up, easy to be rushing to get nowhere or being confused as to what things need to be done. The city helps drive that behaviour in me, the pressure of the hustle and bustle reminds me of the drum scene in The Pursuit of Happyness- begging for more considered thought. 

Rusty wire to corporate flyer

Out of the reflection from last week and back to acknowledging the reality of today and the future, this week started in the scrub, fixing fences on land destined to give a fresh start. With the guidance from above and a need to get my hands dirty, heading back close to the farm to pen the cattle we purchased the weekend before was a great escape. 

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