Corporate Country- a beginning

The world is a busy place and I’ve often found myself pondering inside the realms of tireless newsfeeds and double taps, seeking answers in a world we grasp in our hands, yet one so far from reality.

Having spent time reflecting back on the farm and in my hometown of Boorowa, I started pondering where we find joy and comfort, and what my legacy will be to those that follow many generations from now. From recently held ice cores where bubbles capture time and life, from the sheep filled fields of running joy and superb parrot trees, nature has often kept the wisdom of time and place encapsulated through the stories of our old people. Past our eyes is often a history so oblivious, hiding in the natural surroundings and in the cracks of the buildings of the past, nestled deeply wanting revival.

Being back in the sunshine paddocks and fresh sea breezes, watching the eagles glide seamlessly as days unfold, my spirits heightened through the stories of the past and optimism for the future. Like an awakening to the core of my heart, my ancestors sang me back home to the mountains… to the dreamings of my People before.

Now tuned to the rhythms, what followed is where the concept for this blog came from. Having heard the call, I tested the idea with my employer to move back, scouting a lifestyle where culture, community and family can come first, and my work can benefit from these connections and learnings. Whether from my Aunties and Uncles, or from the saleyards or streets, I know great wisdom lies in the warmth of Worimi winds.

Working for an Indigenous corporate, I was fortunate that they too understood and felt this desire, the dream and the purpose. They could relate, see the vision that was floating around my mind and work with me to develop it into something tangible.

Now, in the lead to winter of great content lies the glorious realisation of summer dreams. The balance of corporate life and the country, Government tenders and tales, sales and stock, is forever encapsulated in the purchase of our first home.


Back in the town of Gloucester, it’s impossible to ignore the legacy and roots my family were keeping. Our neighbours could tell of our parents and grandparents, the mechanics where my Grandfather worked for 50 years stands still on the roundabout idle and my heart warms at the thought of the path my great grandparents started for me to continue. And then there is the mountains… home to my Aboriginal ancestors in a cave where the earliest birth in the town was recorded. Constantly watching, constantly there, constantly inspiring.

Each week, I hope to share my Corporate Country lifestyle with you, the adventures and stories, photos and thoughts. I want to show you that it’s possible, that you can work for a large corporate and live in the bush, walking different lives in both, yet incorporating the learnings into each.

Hooroo, and until next week.


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